Geoff Winstanley

Welcome to Geoff Winstanley's web page.
It's just a bit of fun really, a chance to play around with html code.


The name Winstanley comes from a small town just South of Wigan. The town name comes from the Anglo-Saxon for Winston's field.

There have been one or two famous Winstanleys over the years. Henry Winstanley built the first lighthouse on Eddystone Rocks. Dr Michael Winstanley was an MP who apeared on local television in the North West as citizen's rights presenter.

More recent is Jenny Winstanley, creator of the Winstanley Cats, collectable ceramic ornaments with a characteristic high glaze and glass eyes. Jenny is also my wife's name, and Jenny has creative talents as well. She has recently found an outlet for them making making cloth art dolls. You can see her work at

About me

I was Born in Southport in the 50s, but grew up in Sale, just South of Manchester, where I went to Worthington Road and 'Norris Road' schools.

From early on I wanted to work in electronics, and an apprenticeship with Post Office Telephones proved a good way of getting there. I took a degree at Bolton Institute of Technology, and soon after got my first job as electronic design engineer. My job title hasn't changed much over the years, but the role itself has changed out of all recognition.

Some of my interests include:

Ballroom Dance

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